Dana Fairchild

Dana Fairchild, EA

Director of Tax Resolution Services


Dana Fairchild is an Enrolled Agent who joined JD Howlette Law following a 12-year career as a Revenue Officer with the Internal Revenue Service.  While at the IRS, Ms. Fairchild worked diligently with hundreds of taxpayers to bring about fair and just resolutions in delinquent tax debt matters.  Ms. Fairchild is intimately familiar with the inner workings of the United States Treasury Department and has vast knowledge of the IRS's systems, databases, processes, and procedures for handling and resolving taxpayer-related matters.

Ms. Fairchild brings an invaluable set of specialized skills and expertise to JD Howlette Law's tax resolution practice. She possesses institutional knowledge and a keen awareness of what the IRS will accept across many different scenarios to resolve a matter.  Ms. Fairchild is also well-versed with the myriad of IRS programs in place and the options available to individual and business taxpayers who owe past due federal taxes.