Litigation Success Update

By JD Howlette Law

Following an evidentiary hearing on damages in a defamation lawsuit, the Prince George's County Circuit Court recently awarded our client $25,000 in compensatory damages and a whopping $50,000 in punitive damages! This triumph stands as a testament to our client's fortitude, and our team's unwavering dedication to the pursuit of justice and truth. 

Let this case serve as an important reminder that words have consequences in our society, especially when they harm the reputation of others. We should all take this opportunity to remember the value of respect and civility in communications.

Friendly Tip: 

Think twice before making statements about others in public that could be damaging. The fallout can be far greater than you might anticipate. After all, a world where we treat each other with kindness and respect is a word we all want to live in.

Your words matter, use them wisely. 🏛️🤝📣