JD Howlette Law files federal consumer protection lawsuit against timeshare company

By JD Howlette Law

ORLANDO, Florida - Today we announced the filing of a federal consumer protection lawsuit against well-known timeshare company Hilton Grand Vacations (HGV) on behalf of elderly client. The complaint alleges that HGV engaged in deceptive and predatory business practices in connection with the sale of a timeshare to Elizabeth Domingo during a sales presentation at the company’s resort in Hawaii. According to the complaint, HGV intentionally provided Ms. Domingo with a purchase agreement and disclosure forms that contained conflicting dates and instructions regarding her rights to cancel the transaction, and then refused to honor Ms. Domingo’s timely cancellation request, claiming that the request was one-day late.

“The actions taken by Hilton Grand Vacations in this matter are egregious and unconscionable,” said Attorney Jordan Howlette. “Not only did HGV misinterpret its own agreement and disclosure documents, but it also intentionally misled my client in an effort to induce her into executing the timeshare agreement that the company had no intention of allowing her to rescind. Then, HGV had the audacity to refuse to honor my client’s cancellation notice by claiming it was one-day late, a shocking position for what I considered to be a reputable company notwithstanding the false claim. This case is as easy of they come based upon the facts, and I look forward to swiftly vindicating Ms. Domingo’s rights in federal court.”