JD Howlette Law files wage theft lawsuit to protect worker's rights

By JD Howlette Law

WASHINGTON, DC - We are proud to announce the filing of a wage theft lawsuit on behalf of our client, Taylor Reed Branson, against his former employers, World AgroEcology Alliance and Palindromes Inc. In 2021, the defendants hired Mr. Branson as the Chief Operating Officer for WAEA, where he worked for more than 2 years without ever receiving the full salary promised to him. After inquiring about the more than $170,000 in wages owed to him, the defendants terminated Mr. Branson's employment and refused to pay him any of the unpaid wages. Defendants also intentionally misclassified Mr. Branson as an independent contractor to avoid paying employment taxes and circumventing the laws in the District of Columbia that required them to provide Mr. Branson with certain critical employment benefits (e.g., worker’s compensation, sick leave, etc.).

The lawsuit not only seeks justice for Mr. Branson, but it sheds light on the egregious conduct taken by some employers that deprive hard-working employees of important rights and benefits under the law. Thus, our fight is more than just about this one case; it's about setting a precedent that protects all workers from being denied the wages and benefits they rightfully deserve.