JD Howlette Law sues federal agency for unlawful workplace discrimination

By JD Howlette Law

MIAMI, Florida - On September 12, 2022, we filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida on behalf of Immigration Services Officer Charlie Batista, alleging that managers and supervisors at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Miami Field Office unlawfully targeted Officer Batista with malicious acts of intimidation, harassment, humiliation, discrimination, and retaliation based on his sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability.

According to the amended complaint, Defendants' unlawful workplace conduct subjected Officer Batista to a hostile and toxic work environment at the USCIS Miami Field Office, which he was forced to suffer through for more than a year despite his several pleas for help. The hostile work environment significantly impacted Officer Batista’s physical and mental health, resulting in multiple hospitalizations, frequent medical treatment, and regular therapy sessions to cope with the high levels of workplace stress, anxiety, and trauma.

“Discrimination, retaliation, or misconduct of any kind on the basis of one’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability cannot be tolerated in the workplace, especially the federal workplace. The supervisors and managers at all federal agencies have an affirmative duty and obligation to ensure that their workplaces remain free from unlawful discrimination and that all workers are afforded an equal opportunity to achieve their fullest potential. When I left the U.S. Department of Justice, I made a promise that my law firm would vigorously pursue justice for those workers victimized by unlawful workplace discrimination. What happened to Officer Batista at the USCIS Miami Field Office is a disgrace and embarrassment to the amazing leaders across the federal workforce who work tirelessly to ensure that individuals like Officer Batista feel safe and content at work every single day.Jordan Howlette, the Managing Attorney of JD Howlette Law.