June Client Review Highlight

By JD Howlette Law

Each month, we select a client review to highlight as a token of our gratitude for the time and effort spent to share feedback with us. This month, we're highlighting a review received from a fellow Veteran who we had the pleasure of assisting through a challenging unlawful discrimination dispute with a commercial landlord.

"From our first interaction all the way through my case, Jordan was the epitome of the clear-thinking, calm presence you yearn for in a legal counsel. His uncanny knack for strategic analysis and application of various legal angles to any given situation is second to none. I saw first-hand that where other legal minds stumbled, Jordan nimbly navigated the landscape, finding fresh perspectives that overlooked standard protocol.

His background as a veteran added an additional layer of understanding, allowing him to connect with my unique experiences and weave them into the broader context of my case. I would urge anyone in a similar situation to turn to Jordan. More than just a highly competent lawyer, he's a genuine, trustworthy individual you can lean on in stressful times. Thanks to Jordan, what seemed like an intractable case was brought to a harmonious resolution, averting needless financial and emotional strain." - Nathaniel H.