Officer Mohamed Magassouba: A True Hero in Our Community and in the Courtroom

By JD Howlette Law

We are proud to represent Officer Mohamed Magassouba, a dedicated public servant whose recent actions have prevented a potential tragedy in our community. Only a few days ago, Officer Magassouba responded to an armed person report in the vicinity of 1484 Addison Rd S., Capitol Heights, MD 20743, heroically intervening to stop what could have been a possible mass shooting incident. Officer Magassouba's swift actions showcase his bravery and commitment to public safety. Full details of his courageous act can be found here: Capitol Heights Police Department News.

Since August 2021, and after a decade of honorable service, Officer Magassouba has been fighting to obtain justice for the egregious discriminatory actions taken against him by PGCPD officials that led to the termination of his employment—all because he chose integrity over institutional loyalty. Specifically, Officer Magassouba was singled-out and targeted for refusing to lie to protect a White officer who used blatant excessive force in carrying out an unjustified arrest of a Black female civilian who was simply walking home from the store with her son. The discovery phase in Officer Magassouba's civil rights case recently concluded, and we are now preparing to oppose an anticipated motion for summary judgment—a last ditch effort by the County to prevent Officer Magassouba's case from being heard by a jury of his peers. This lawsuit underscores the important fight not only for Officer Magassouba's own justice but also for a fair and equitable policing system.

We stand with Officer Magassouba as he continues to demonstrate his heroism, both in uniform and through his pursuit of justice in the courtroom. We are committed to supporting him every step of the way in his legal battle against discrimination and retaliation.

Stand with us by taking less than two minutes to digitally sign our Justice Petition for Officer Magassouba. Together we can fight injustice and strive to create a community where the rights and dignity of all Prince Georgians are upheld and safeguarded.