Tax Resolution Services Attorneys Serving Washington, D.C.

We recognize that navigating federal tax issues can sometimes be intricate and daunting. Our Tax Resolution Department is spearheaded by two seasoned tax professionals: a former trial attorney from the U.S. Department of Justice's Tax Division and a former IRS Revenue Officer boasting over ten years of experience in tax resolution. Their profound grasp of the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury regulations, and firsthand insights into the operations of the DOJ's Tax Division and IRS, enables us to adeptly tackle even the most intricate tax challenges.

Overview of Tax Services

Our Tax Resolution Department provides high-quality, personalized tax resolution and tax controversy services to those facing tax-related challenges. Whether you're considering an Offer in Compromise, seeking an Installment Agreement, or dealing with IRS liens, our team is here to guide you. Moreover, if you require legal representation in Tax Court or the U.S. District Court, you can rely on our team to vigorously enforce, defend, and advocate for your rights. Let us navigate the complexities of the tax world on your behalf.

You Have Options

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  • Installment Agreements (IAs)
    Our Installment Agreement services assist you in structuring a payment plan with the IRS, enabling you to manage your tax obligations in more manageable monthly installments. Allow us to guide you in setting up a tailored plan that fits your financial situation.

  • Liens & Levies (Garnishments)
    Our Liens and Levies Garnishment services focus on addressing and mitigating the impacts of IRS-enforced collection actions on your assets and income. Let us assist you in preventing or releasing these encumbrances, so your financial well-being remains intact.

  • Offers-in-Comromise (OICs)
    Our Offer in Compromise services are designed to negotiate a settlement with the IRS, allowing you to resolve your tax debt for less than the full amount owed. Let us help you navigate this process to potentially reduce your tax burden.

  • Tax Litigation
    Our Tax Litigation services offer legal representation for individuals and businesses facing disputes or challenges with tax authorities. Trust us to advocate on your behalf, helping your rights and interests be fiercely defended in the courtroom.

  • Penalty Abatements
    Our Penalty Abatement services aim to reduce or eliminate penalties imposed by the IRS on your tax liabilities. Let us help you navigate the complexities of penalty relief, so you're not paying more than necessary.

  • IRS Audits & Exams
    Our IRS Audits and Exams services provide guidance and support when you're under scrutiny by the IRS. Allow us to stand beside you, offering accurate representation and a streamlined process during these often-stressful evaluations.