JD Howlette Law Defends Military Veteran In Legal Battle Against Property Restoration Company

By JD Howlette Law

MANATEE COUNTY, FL, November 9, 2023 – We recently entered an appearance on behalf of Brenda Elze, a military veteran and single mother of two, in her legal battle against CRDN (DKM Cleaners LLC). The property restoration company charged Ms. Elze a staggering $127,000 to allegedly clean and restore her personal belongings following the destruction of her home caused by Hurricane Ian. After receiving $90,000 from Ms. Elze's insurance providers, CRDN then filed a lawsuit in Manatee County Court to recover the additional $37,000 from Ms. Elze. In response, we filed a counterclaim against CRDN that alleges unfair and deceptive trade practices, as well as a third-party complaint for negligence against Ms. Elze's insurance providers, Swyfft LLC and Clear Blue Insurance Company.

After Hurricane Ian devastated Ms. Elze's home in Tampa, Florida, in 2022, she filed a claim with her insurance providers, Swyfft and Clear Blue Insurance Company.  In connection with the claim, Swyfft paired Ms. Elze with CRDN to clean and restore her damaged property. Unbeknowst to Ms. Elze, however, CRDN charged for services that fell far outside the scope of their agreement, culminating in a bill for $127,000. A dispute then arose over the scope and cost of services provided by CRDN, as well as oversight issues with Ms. Elze's insurance providers, Swyfft and Clear Blue Insurance Company.

The counterclaim centers on allegations that CRDN, in conjunction with Ms. Elze’s insurance providers, engaged in practices that were not only unfair but also grossly exploitative, capitalizing on her vulnerable situation just three days after the tragic loss of her home. The work performed by CRDN far exceeded Ms. Elze's policy limit of $90,000, which her insurance providers paid, and resulted in unimaginable fees.

"Our firm is committed to fighting for the rights of individuals like Ms. Elze, who have been unjustly burdened by the deceptive practices of corporations," said Jordan D. Howlette, Managing Attorney at JD Howlette Law. "Her case represents a blatant disregard for fair dealing and accountability, and we are determined to seek justice on her behalf.”

JD Howlette Law aims to secure compensatory and puntive damages for Ms. Elze, addressing the financial burdens and emotional trauma she has endured, and to ensure such practices are not repeated against others in similar situations.