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Dana Fairchild joins JD Howlette Law

JD Howlette Law welcomes Dana Fairchild, its new Director of Tax Resolution Services.

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February 7, 2022

We are thrilled to welcome Dana Fairchild to JD Howlette Law! Ms. Fairchild joins the firm following a 12-year career as an IRS Revenue Officer. She is an Enrolled Agent who brings an invaluable set of specialized skills and expertise to JD Howlette Law in her new role as the Director of Tax Resolution Services.

If you or someone you know needs professional assistance with resolving an IRS tax matter, then look no further than Ms. Fairchild. She possesses key institutional knowledge about what the IRS will accept across many different scenarios in efforts to resolve a tax-related issue. Learn more about Ms. Fairchild's background and credentials at

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