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Happy Earth Day!

850 trees planted in 2023 thus far under our One-for-One Pledge!

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April 22, 2023

As we come together to celebrate the beauty and wonder of our planet, we're proud to announce that our One-for-One Pledge with One Tree Planted has resulted in 850 trees planted so far in 2023!

Areas impacted include:

  • 200 trees in National Forests, preserving these vital ecosystems

  • 100 trees for Forest Fire Recovery, helping to regenerate affected areas

  • 100 trees in Florida, supporting local biodiversity

  • 200 trees in California, fostering healthier air quality and ecosystems

  • 150 trees in Places that Need it the Most, ensuring a global impact

  • 100 trees in the Amazon Rain Forest, preserving the lungs of our Earth

At JD Howlette Law, we believe in the power of small actions to make a big difference. This Earth Day, we're not only dedicated to protecting our clients' rights but also to safeguarding the environment we all share.

Let's continue working together to make our world a healthier, greener, and more sustainable place for generations to come. We encourage you to join us in this mission by supporting organizations like One Tree Planted or by planting a tree in your own community.

Happy Earth Day!

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